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If you are already a member of North Carolina Association of Launderers and Cleaners (NCALC), thank you. If you are not, we would encourage you to make membership a priority. NCALC and our national partner, the Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), provide an unparalleled resource for launderers and cleaners, and our industry allies, to keep abreast of current issues affecting our industry and to share best practices for the success of our businesses. Working together through NCALC, we can accomplish much more to ensure the success and sustainability of the businesses and industry, on which we all depend.

For Launderers and Cleaners

NCALC membership for laundry and dry-cleaner operators is linked with membership in DLI. DLI provides lots of information and handles our joint NCALC/DLI membership applications through their web site at

For Industry Allies

NCALC offers a state-only associate membership for our industry allies (e.g. manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, consultants and others interested in affiliating with our association).

Click NCALC Associate Member Application with Benefits to download the form for associate membership.

Strengthen your Affiliation and Support

Membership provides the basic affiliation with NCALC and member access to our programs and activities. We invite you to take a more active role in promoting and supporting the Fabricare Industry in North Carolina through participation in these NCALC activities.

Some important ways you can help with the NCALC effort to promote and support the industry include the following. Click the bolded heading to download applicable forms.

  1. NCALC 2020 Legislative & Regulatory Fund Pledge Form – Provides direct support for our advocacy efforts.

  2. NCALC Carolina Clean Advertising Contract – Supports our publications and gives visibility to your products and services.

  3. NCALC Sponsor Schedule of Support – Helps underwrite many NCALC programs and services and provides recognition for your support.

  4. NCALC Business Partner Agreement – Formalizes your plan to invest in the work of NCALC (through sponsorships, advertising, and other contributions) and provides recognition for this significant commitment to support our industry.

  5. NCALC 2020 Winter Meeting Publicity Flyer – Local area meetings, Annual Convention.

Mailing List Request

All NCALC members will be added to our mailing list for routine communications, including the Carolina Clean™ newsletter. We hope you will become a member. However, if you have not yet decided to join, you can still stay in touch with NCALC by subscribing to our mailing list. Click

NCALC Mailing List Subscription Request to download the applicable form.

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