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Our Values


We will do the right thing, be honest and fair in our dealings with each other and the public, and deserving of the trust of others.


We will be examples and encourage others to strive for excellence and advocate for and serve the greater good in our actions.


We gain strength, momentum and support in our business, families, and our association by the collective deliberation of all participants.


We understand that learning (gaining knowledge) is a life-long, every day requirement for continuous improvement in each of our local businesses.


We approach our industry which is our livelihood, with contagious enthusiasm, excitement, and devotion to our membership, our employees, customers, and communities.

May 18-20, 2018 -- NCALC Spring Meeting

Courtyard by Marriott

Carolina Beach, NC

Friday evening Dinner Social

Saturday morning Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday evening Dinner Outing to Havana’s Restaurant.

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President’s Message

What Is Drycleaning?

I was working at the Customer Service counter a few weeks ago. A group of college students came in with one of their buddies to drop off “The” College wardrobe…a Navy Blazer, Khaki Slacks, Patterned dress shirt and Tie to match. As the lead CSR was helping their buddy, I noticed the other 3 huddled together, pointing towards the back of the plant and talking. So I walked up to them and asked if I could help them. “What is Drycleaning” was their response.

I could have given them the typical quick answer and sent them on their way. Instead, I asked if they would like a tour. For the next 20 minutes, I heard constant “Wow’s” and “I never would have thought this was drycleaning”. They were amazed at the technology , the clothes moving from department to department, the equipment and the employees, all busy at their stations.

They thanked me and said that it was one of the more eye opening experiences they had had in a while. I started thinking about that experience, and trying to see our business through the eyes of a college student. I realized how much we take for granted the knowledge and expertise that we have in an industry that is primarily small business operators. We have to be technicians, human resources, business managers, marketers, maintenance experts, and fill many other roles while staying motivated and in control each and every day.

We have so many tools to help us be successful. NCALC partnered with DLI is at the top. . I am proud to be a member of NCALC and be part of the high level of expertise that the members of NCALC bring to our industry. We have other trade magazines, the internet, basic trial and error, former family members and networking with others in the community that are available when we need it. But my NCALC family rates at the top.

The college students that toured the plant a few weeks ago have their whole life in front of them. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and felt proud of our accomplishments. But just between you and me… what I really wanted was to be 21 again!

See you out there!

Rita Foley

President, NCALC

Looking Toward the Future

by Paul Goodson, NCALC Executive Director

At its September 2017 meeting the NCALC Board of Directors began a visioning exercise to guide future planning for the association and its members. This discussion continued at the January 2018 Board meeting. The Board started by discussing issues and trends that are expected to have significant impact on the business of launderers and cleaners in the future. Board members were asked to use their personal crystal ball to look at the next ~10 years into the future, and consider what issues they foresee that will affect the business of launderers and cleaners. (They were asked to consider this question from the viewpoint of launderers and cleaners and externally from the viewpoint of customers, regulators, and the general public.)

These initial discussions identified the following: Issues and Trends Expected to Affect Launderers and Cleaners

in the Future.

- Customers are demanding convenience.

- Integrating millennials in the workplace.

- Do-it-yourself cleaning competition with professional cleaning services.

- Use of phone apps to facilitate cleaning services.

- Increased interest in clothing rentals.

- Growing use of casual wear changes demand for professional cleaning services.

- Aging/retiring employees presenting need to recruit and/or develop new skilled workers.

- Aging/retiring owners raising need for succession planning and/or exit planning.

- Many business model changes are drawing interest.

o More pickup and delivery points.

o More route services.

o Consolidation of processing plants.

o Specializing of cleaning service companies (separate customer service vs processing).

o Greater selection of services (cleaning, wash/dry/fold, repair, alterations, rental, pickup, delivery, other products and services.)

o More partnering with other businesses.

- Attracting and maintaining qualified staff.

- Lack of reinvestment in equipment and staff training.

- Low maintenance clothing.

- Changes in the cleaning processes.

- Demands for discounted vs quality services.

Although this list is already quite long, there are very likely other significant issues not yet captured.

As the NCALC Board continues its planning, they will be looking at what could be done (and more specifically, what can NCALC do) to help launderers and cleaners of North Carolina address these issues.

We would like to hear from you. If you foresee other issues that will be having significant impact on launderers and cleaners in the next ~10 years or you have ideas for what can be done to help launderers and cleaners in dealing with any of these issues, please send your thoughts on these questions to Paul Goodson, NCALC Executive Director, via email to or fax to to (704) 461-0531 or mail to NCALC, 4819 Emperor Blvd., Ste. 400, Durham, NC 27703-5420.